Snapped Up Even Before Reaching The Office!!!!!

*sweat* Today within hours of the arrival of a new shipment for 100 Bios Life Air Home units…they are all snapped up! I’ve received orders from families and some even companies who are willing to invest in a few sets for the health of their staff.

For those who have made payment but have not gotten their sets, hang on for the next shipment that’s coming soon. As soon as it arrives, I will get your sets and send it to you the soonest time possible. Those who have ordered from me…you know my style…chop chop one…hehehe…

Interested customers may submit their request and payments as of today onwards to pre-order. Prices can be seen at!0_0&range=0_654&search=

Please do not make payment via Paypal if you wish to get your sets fast. Paypal would need an additional 5 working days to process before releasing the amount paid.

View this page to stay updated on the available sets for Bios Life Air Home unit.

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