Your Car May Not Be Safe!

With the high PSI reading, staying in your doesn’t mean it is safe. In fact the haze is an add on to the particles that’s in your car. How can the haze get through? The same way your air conditioning travels.

So be sure to install an air purifier in your car that has an air filter that could filter out the tiny dust particles that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Consider this…what is an investment which could last you long term then taking the risk and increase your medical costs of recuperating?

Need the Bios Life Air Car Unit? Call/SMS or Whatsapp me at (+65) 9242 7639 to get one at a good deal and save up on the medical costs for recovery. Get a good buy NOW during the GSS!

P/S : As the demand for the Bios Life Air Car Unit is high, customers are advised to make full payment to book their sets from the next shipment from the States. Apologies however C.O.D requests will not be entertained.

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