My New Toy!

Whilst on the way to meet my mum, here’s to share my new toy! Be Hydrating shampoo to minimise my hair fall…now who says men don’t face hair fall…hehehe

Wanted to get the conditioner as well but was outta stock…guess the shampoo will do for the meantime… 🙂

2nd day of usage…so far so good…my hair fall are less frequent now… Woot! Woot!

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Testimony By Linda Ismail

Thank you for sharing Linda Ismail

Ladies & Ladies! I am sure all of you have gone thru menstrual cramps almost every month! That is natural! But hey I have a solution and answers of how to reduce or make the pain go away… This morning i had a terrible menstrual cramp and i suddenly remembered about Super Chlorophyll which I have it with me everyday and everywhere i go. So i consume it and after half an hour or less, Alhamdulilah I was feeling good and no pain at all…how amazing and awesome this Super Chlorophyll is! No need painkillers or panadol, jus a green liquid is enough. Not only that it has also a lot more health benefits…

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Have A Properous Chines New Year!

Good morning Peeps! It’s so wonderful to wake up to a very nice community environment where any occassion is celebrated by all. This I would say an ideal HDB kampung environment whereby everybody says ‘Hi!’ to each other and wishes season’s greetings irregardless of race, language or religion.

Wish you have this in your area as well. A good start for a great weekend! Enjoy!

And to my Chinese friends and clients….Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! It’s the year of the snake…but don’t ‘eat snake’ haa…hehehe

By HafizJay

Testimony By Carrine

Shared by Carrine

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