Testimony By Gwen

From Auntie to Sexy Babe!! Thanks to SLIM! Way to Go Gwen!!

No One is too Old or Too Young to Lose Weight thanks to Bios Life Slim!


The Healthier Lifestyle for today’s hectic daily life.Losing Fat is So Easy with Bios Life Slim!

It’s Just Drink ‘n’ Shrink!

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Super Chlorophyll Helps Asthma!!!!!

Other than blood cleansing, Super Chlorophyll also helps in sinus, running nose as well as improving asthma conditions. Ideal for asthmetics facing frequent asthma attacks.

Shared by Nani’ie:)

Expected. Whenever I have flu for more than 2days, it is a symptom of my asthma attack. Woke up 3am in the morning due to breathless. I took 2puffs of my inhaler but it doesn’t help me much. I was lost coz I’m running out of theophylline. Felt so hopeless.

Ransacked my personal first aid kit pouch and found my super chlorophyll. I totally forgotten about it. Made a thick one and drink it immediately and went to bed. When I woke up at 6.30am earlier for work, I found that my wheezy is better. Ahh! Thank you Super Chloropyll for saving my life again. 🙂

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Rainy Saturday!!!!

Good day Peeps! Seems like its a rainy Saturday. Do get yourselves warmed somewhere and outta the cold. Wouldn’t wanna catch the flu bug.

The day is still young so keep the spirits up! 🙂

By HafizJay

Bios Life Air Car Unit For Your Car!!!!!

Why does Bioslife Air car air cleaner works so well?
Bioslife Air utilises 3M Multi-Stage Air Filter Media compared to normal air cleaners that use Hepa filters.

Permanent electrostatically charged Filtrete fibers work like tiny magnets to capture higher livels of micro particles in your car, while allowing greater air flow.

Breathe easily in your car with less irritation, especially when stuck in traffic or when the haze returns. Now you can also carry many durians without the worry of having the smell stuck in your car for days OR affecting those people allergic to durians. 🙂

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Weekend Is Here!!!!!

Woohoo!!! Weekends are here! A long one again that is! The crowd in the MRT stations are packed too!

Whatever it is…Happy Weekend!!!!! 🙂

By HafizJay