Testimony By Eliza From Brunei

Eliza from Brunei has been on Unicity flagship products since late May 2012. She has always been active and look after what she eat. She wanted to slim down more. She was introduced to CS30 and Bios Life Slim in May, she complained it was not working on her because not many people see her obvious changes yet. Eliza started to show results at the end of 3rd month. It was slow initially but speed up when she added Equalean which is a carbs blocker and Powerburn, a superb effective and safe fat burner. She wants more and she is working out regularly from the boosted energy from Unicity products. Younger, prettier and definitely very sexy!!!

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Testimony By Yaya’s Partner Manpreet

Sharing by Yaya’s partner, Manpreet 🙂

I’m doing my own review. I lost hope in losing weight and due to shift work I am unable to have an healthy lifestyle.. Not until a friend ask me to try bio life slim.. After taking it for 1.5 months I saw the difference.. I feel better.. I don’t fall sick soo easy..

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