Geylang Serai!!!! I’ll Be There!

Hmm…break fast done, prayers done…time to hit the road. Will be around Geylang Serai later to look for FOOD!!! For tomorrow’s sahur of course!

If you happen to be around Geylang Serai and wanna know more about the Happy Life Project or any products, do gimme a buzz on my mobile at (+65) 9242 7639! 🙂

Oooo I so love Scottish Munchkins cats…their folded ears make their face look so rounded! Lol… ;p

Testimony From Osinachi Of Nigeria

The Bios Life Franchise is a global business opportunity. Look at the difference in countries. From Kuala Lumpur stretch all the way to Nigeria. And they too are consuming Bios Life Slim! 🙂

Sharing from partner in KL Joanne Ting on her Nigeria Partner

Business partner in Nigeria, Osinachi:

My 64yrs old Dad was suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar, body heaviness, fatigue, pain and tiredness, after few weeks of using bios life slim (I feel tremendous energy and alive right now) in his words he has regain his youthful vitality!

Now Very excited to share bios life slim among his friends!

Indeed Bios life slim is the best gift you can give to your love ones!

Take care of your loved ones with a natural, effective product!

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29 July 2012 Morning Fasting Meal

Alhamdulillah…sahur done. Now waiting for prayer time.

Didn’t update much yesterday coz been going for sharing sessions all over after MBA class. It was an enriching MBA class done yesterday and immediately after that was a sharing session before finally sitting done with my loved ones at Civic Center for break fast. And of course had some laughs after that.

Hehehe…done mind the pose…its one of those ‘got nothing better to do’ kinda pose! Aw…takleh angs! Lol ;p