Bios Life Slim For Fasting Season

Many must be wondering with the fasting month just around the corner, can I still consume Bios Life Slim? Well…you can!!! Here’s how…

When sahur(meal before first light)
– Once awake take 2/5 capsules of Paraway Plus
– If you have LiFiber, consume it 10mins after Paraway Plus
– Whilst preparing for your meal, drink Bios Life Slim.
(Best if can mix Bios Life Slim with Bios Life E – the smart energy drink)
– After 15mins, starting eating your meal.

When break fast(after prayer call)
– Drink Bios Life Slim and consume 1 date
– Do your prayers, by then it would be already 15mins
– Consume your meal

* Before bedtime, soak Nature’s Tea for 5mins and drink thereafter.

There you go! PM me to order!

By HafizJay

Testimony From Partner Rizal

Sharing by Mohamad Rizal

On may 27 i shared my blood preasure is 131below 74 this morning i read 121 bellow 92.. all thanks to bios life complete.. And unicity world class products..

By HafizJay

Testimony From Rosnah

Sharing from Rosnah

In Oct 2011, my husband has been complaining of chest pains every other day. He is also looking more and more tired over the last few months. It’s as if his entire energy level has been drained out of him.

He is active and plays soccer almost every weekend, but it does not seem to do any good for his energy level and figure.

I finally persuaded him to give Bios Life Slim plus Clearstart 30 a try. I told him that it’s not entirely for slimming down purpose, but for his health. He has got to do something about his health if he still wants to see his daughter grows up through the years..!

Yes, I was harsh but it’s for his own good..!

He started feeling better, his tummy instantly deflated after the first week. He never bothered to measure his statistics, as it was not that important to him. He’s also taking Bios Life E as an added energy for him to last through the day..!

I’m glad he took my advice, and look at him now..! Slimmer and of course I’ve not heard of any chest pains from him! He was shocked when he saw his recent photo..! He did not expect to lose all that excess baggage on his cheeks and tummy..!

Thank you Unicity for entering our family’s life..!

PM me for mote detais… ♥

By HafizJay

CM Plex Cream & Soft Gels

Features & Benefits of CM Plex® Cream & CM Plex® Softgels

Special groups that will benefit particularly from CM Plex are:
— persons with osteo arthritis
— persons with joint pain

C.M. PlexTM contains a proprietary blend of cetyl myristate, cetyl myristoleate, and other cetyl esters. This blend of cetylated fatty acids are clinically proven to support joint health.

Cetyl myristoleate is known to prevent arthritis in experimental models. C.M. PlexTM increases flexibility in osteo-arthritis patients and reduces pain in inflamed joints.

CM Plex and CM Plex Cream have been studied in two groups of osteoarthritis patients. The subjects had to do exercises that are considered easy for healthy people, but can be very painful for patients. In both studies patients experienced clear benefits in reduction of discomfort and resulting in improved range-of-motion, and joint mobility. C.M. PlexTM supports joint health with a proprietary blend of cetyl myristate, cetyl myristoleate, and other cetyl esters.

These compounds have been shown to help penetrate and hydrate the joints and increase mobility, encouraging a more active lifestyle.

By HafizJay

We Are Growing!!!

Woohoo! Had a busy day today at the office til I even missed my MBA class but it is all worth the effort.

Went to office to get products then did presentation for my new partner Shafiq. Then rush down to Pasir Ris for urgent delivery to my loved consumer who is waiting enthusiasthically to consume our signature world class product.

Alhamdulillah. Congratulations to Shafiq for his first sign up juz a week after he joined the Happy Life family.

Again the true beauty of network marketing shines with Unicity. You’ll never walk alone. Thank you SD Suzanna, Director Suhaimi, myself and of course my new partner Shafiq.

Welcoming a new partner to complete the 4 pillars of success, Kak Rokiah.

By HafizJay