Distributor Upranking

Alhamdulillah. Congratulations to Mona who have joined us earlier this month from distributor going up to now a Franchise Owner.

The journey for both Mona and Nani doesn’t end as a Franchise Owner. It now time for me to work with my individual angels towards their goals as well as achieving Passive Massive Growing Income.

Many are skeptical about network marketing however in the Happy Life Project each individual Franchise Owners are focused in achieving their dreams and goals inline with Unicity’s tagline Make Life Better.

We Make Life Better by helping people Look Better, Feel Better and Live Better. In financial and in health.

Make an appointment with me now to find out your possibilities with the Happy Life Project.

By HafizJay

Unicity Laos

We keep expanding. Earlier this month started off with our new team in Vientiane Laos. Just recently Indonesia has gotten their official office. Best thing is even if I am in Singapore, I can do the Happy Life Project all over the world!

Alhamdulillah syukran that I am introduced to this opportunity by my colleague now business partner Sazali.

Would you like to be a part of us too? PM me to find out more!

By HafizJay

Unicity Indonesia

A great news from the team in Indonesia. As of yesterday, they will commence operations in their newly renovated office. Congrats guys!

By HafizJay

Testimony By Partner Rizal

Sharing by Rizal…

Just to share.. The first pic was taken 4 years ago.. At that time my age was 24.. see the soft drink.. I can finish one at one night.. Till 3 years ago i was diagnosed with high blood pressure.. With the reading of 154 below 96.. and have to be put on medication.. But to no cure.. The drugs just prevent from the blood to go higher..

Realising that i had a family history of high blood and diabetes.. My late grandfather had high blood and died of heart attack at a young age of 45.. and my late grandmother who suffering from high blood and diabetes.. Died from stroke.. I decided i must do something before its to late..

I tried dieting by skipping breakfast.. Lunch rice.. And dinner fruits.. Yes i did lost weight but only 6kg in one year.. But do you know breakfast is most important meal? Skipping breakfast put u at the higher risk of getting heart attack..

Till i met bios life complete and the clear start 30 days cleansing program.. I already lost 8.9kg in 3months without skipping my 3 meals.. Not only that my previous visit to the doctor my blood pressure reading has gone down to 131 below 74.. a little bit more to the healthy blood pressure reading.. Thanks to unicity world class products that have change not only mine but many others around the world..

Do u want to be happy like me…

PM me for more details… ♥

By HafizJay

Distributor Upranking

Alhamdulillah! Congratulations to Nani for her hardwork from distributor to now Franchise Owner within a month. You are one step closer to your dreams and goals. Keep your faith and BELIEVE, focus on your Y and you will reach your goals sooner than you think. 🙂

By HafizJay