Bios Life Air Home Units Update!!!!!

Bios Life Air Home Units Update :

Dear Friends,

I understand that some may have missed the arrival shipment of 100 pieces of Bios Life Air Home units yesterday which was snapped up within hours of its arrival. Don’t despair.

Due to the high demand in the asian countries that are affected by the haze, our office in the US in trying their very best to deliver as much as possible to us therefore in the update received today…the next shipment of Bios Life Air Home units would expect to arrive by the end of July.

Those who are interested may follow the following procedure to secure your Bios Life Air Home units as of today. Due to the high demand there would be no Cash-On-Delivery. Please follow the following to secure your sets :

1. Decide on how many units needed.

2. Text or call distributor to make an appointment.

3. Make payment and get a receipt from distributor as proof of purchase. This is to include your name, address and contact to facilitate delivery. Company name to be included if purchasing under company(company stamp needed).

4. Upon arrival of shipment, delivery would be made on the very day or any day deemed possible. Please create free time for delivery and installation of the Bios Life Air Home units.

If this is your first time making purchase via Jay Bios Life Slim facebook page or website, all prices will be inclusive of hand delivery in Singapore. Additional charges applies if you request for local postage delivery.

Important note : This is via PRE-ORDER ONLY. To avoid inconvenience and smooth running of delivery, Cash-On-Delivery and self collection will not be entertained. Payment mode would be by cash.

Please feel free to SMS or Whatsapp me at (+65) 9242 7639 for clarifications.

Snapped Up Even Before Reaching The Office!!!!!

*sweat* Today within hours of the arrival of a new shipment for 100 Bios Life Air Home units…they are all snapped up! I’ve received orders from families and some even companies who are willing to invest in a few sets for the health of their staff.

For those who have made payment but have not gotten their sets, hang on for the next shipment that’s coming soon. As soon as it arrives, I will get your sets and send it to you the soonest time possible. Those who have ordered from me…you know my style…chop chop one…hehehe…

Interested customers may submit their request and payments as of today onwards to pre-order. Prices can be seen at!0_0&range=0_654&search=

Please do not make payment via Paypal if you wish to get your sets fast. Paypal would need an additional 5 working days to process before releasing the amount paid.

View this page to stay updated on the available sets for Bios Life Air Home unit.

Your Health Is A Concern! Please Take Precaution!

Hey All! I’m back after awhile with some health news and tips. With the recent increase in the PSI, please do take extra precautions eventhough you may not have any breathing or asthma problems. Feel free to follow these tips to take care of your lungs and health.

1) Minimise your trip in the open. If there’s a need to travel, please do use a mask that fully covers your mouth and nose. Use a mask that is fitted with a filter. Using a surgical mask or masks that nurses or doctors wear during health check ups does not help much.

2) At home, do not open your windows widely. If there’s a need, get an air purifier that is fitted with a filter that is able to trap the smallest of particles. A good example is the Bios Life Air home unit. It is using the mechanics of a 3M filter, a leader in filtration technology.

3) Drink water often. This would help your body frequently cleanse itself.

The PSI is may still remain on a high, so it’s good to do a single investment of a powerful yet silent air purifier that can be used for long term.

The Bios Life Air is now temporarily out of stock due to the haze and there are still more in the que waiting. If you would like to make a purchase, please do call/SMS or whatsapp me at (+65) 9242 7639 to book your sets for the mext shipment that is coming in very soon.

P/S : To make a booking, please take note that full payment needs to be made. As many are reserving their sets, requests for C.O.D will not be entertained. Sorry.

Your Car May Not Be Safe!

With the high PSI reading, staying in your doesn’t mean it is safe. In fact the haze is an add on to the particles that’s in your car. How can the haze get through? The same way your air conditioning travels.

So be sure to install an air purifier in your car that has an air filter that could filter out the tiny dust particles that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Consider this…what is an investment which could last you long term then taking the risk and increase your medical costs of recuperating?

Need the Bios Life Air Car Unit? Call/SMS or Whatsapp me at (+65) 9242 7639 to get one at a good deal and save up on the medical costs for recovery. Get a good buy NOW during the GSS!

P/S : As the demand for the Bios Life Air Car Unit is high, customers are advised to make full payment to book their sets from the next shipment from the States. Apologies however C.O.D requests will not be entertained.